Thermo Dog Coat new design 2020

This special product is primarily designed for freezing weather. It will be appreciated mainly by dogs with short or thin undercoat (i.e. hound, doberman). Breeders very often buy this thermo coat for dogs that had a back injury. The thermo dog coat is partly used as a protection against dirt and water.

It is composed of three layers. Each layer has a specific function (the structure of the product is very similar like a structure of a winter jacket). The upper layer - PAD cloth provides partial protection against water; snow slides off this material. In the middle, there is an insulating layer which ensures the thermal comfort for the dog. The lower layer consists of a porous fabric which is pleasant to animal hair.

The measurement in the table of sizes is the measurement from the base of the neck to the start of the tail. If the measurement is somewhere in between two sizes, we recommend the bigger size. The coat has reflective patches.

ManMat dog team logo embroidered on side. The length in the table is the length from the neck to the beginning of the tail.

XXS - 42 cm

XS - 53 cm

S - 58 cm

M - 62 cm

L - 67 cm

XL - 72 cm

XXL - 77 cm


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