Harness RUN LONG coloured limited edition, limited edition – new

New coloured harness for individual disciplines (canicross, scooter, bicycle) with REFLECTIVE ELEMENTS. The harness is suitable for all types of small and medium-sized breeds of dogs.

This harness is suitable for dogs that have already an experience in pulling.

The harness can be bought together with a belt, canicross line, collar and a leash – all in the same colour combination – to match the dog with the canicross athlete.

A “New” item is also a possibility of having a PATCH  with the name of the dog, phone number of the owner or the flag of a country. The patch can be ordered as a separate item at our e-shop. Please indicate the text of the patch in the notes of the order.

The harnesses are made of 100% polypropylene. Material for padding – TEBOX - has been tested for rubbing, does not damage the dog hair, does not freeze and is minimally absorbent.

S - girt of neck - 43-46 cm

M - girt of neck - 47-50 cm

L - girt of neck - 51-54 cm

XL - girt of neck - 55-58 cm

XXL - girt of neck - 59-63 cm

XXXL - girt of neck - 64-70 cm


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