Made of very durable 2,5 cm wide tape. and an extremely durable self-closing clasp with lock. The lock prevents the collar from unfastening on a walk or a loose running dog. The whole length of the collar is covered with a reflective tape which makes the dog perfectly visible after dark for drivers. The reflective tape we use is characterized by the highest durability and quality. The collar reflects light very brightly and is visible from a very long distance with minimal reflection. The collar is very easy to put on and take off, it is also adjustable so that it adheres well and does not cause abrasions. It guarantees an elegant appearance and the highest comfort during use. We offer this collar in five adjustment ranges available in the "Collar adjustment range"; options

Range of collar adjustment
40 - 25 cm collar adjustment range from 40 cm to 25 cm
50 - 30 cm collar adjustment range from 50 cm to 30 cm
60 - 40 cm collar adjustment range from 60 cm to 40 cm
70 - 50 cm collar adjustment range from 70 cm to 50 cm
80 - 60 cm collar adjustment range from 80 cm to 60 cm


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