Made of 2. 5 cm wide tape and extremely durable metal or brass elements. For the production of the collars we used a very durable tape with two reflective strips woven into it, which do not lose their reflective properties after long use or several washings. 

Precise adjustment of the appropriate collar circuit is ensured by a sliding regulator. This is a collar for medium and large dog breeds. The construction of the semi-clamping collar is very safe because it has no fasteners, which makes it impossible to break it. 

A comfortable feature of such a collar is very easy and at the same time very fast putting on and taking off. Robust workmanship and extremely durable materials used in the production of the collars guarantee an elegant appearance and the highest comfort when using them.

size      range of adjustment     clamp length
S      40 - 25      6 cm
M      50 - 30     7 cm
L      60 - 40     8 cm
XL      70- 50     8 cm
XXL      80- 60     8 cm


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