Professional sledding harness type SPORT SLED made of very durable, lightweight materials with sewn-in reflective elements. Resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage which increases their durability, intended for use in difficult weather conditions.
The SPORT SLED braces are adjustable to fit your dog's body shape. This type of harness allows for comfortable and efficient work in all sports competitions with the dog: sledging, bikejoring, skijoring, canicross, dogtrekking and exercise training.
A well-fitting harness maximises the pull, distributes it evenly and leaves your dog free to move. First of all, convenience for your dog, the harness must fit well, choose the right size.

To choose the right size, use the table below.

size      a hole to put through the dog's head     dog girth behind the front paws
XS      32 - 38 cm     50 - 58 cm
S      36 - 42 cm     56 - 66 cm
M      40 - 46 cm     64 - 78 cm
L      44 - 50 cm     76 - 86 cm
XL      48 - 55 cm     84 - 104 cm
XXL      54 - 60 cm
    96 - 125 cm



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