The SPEED harness is designed for all dragging dogs, and is ideal for dog sports such as skijoring, skatejoring, bikejoring, dogtrekking, canicross and off-road walking. Made of very durable, lightweight materials with sewn-in reflective elements, resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage which increases their durability, intended for use in difficult weather conditions. SPEED braces have two adjustment points that provide the ability to adjust to your dog's figure. Well-fitting harness maximizes the pulling power, distributes it evenly, leaves freedom of movement and allows for very comfortable and efficient work of the dog. The suspenders have a very soft and comfortable 3D fabric lining.

First of all, convenience for your dog, the harness must fit well, choose the right size.

When choosing the right size, measure your dog's chest circumference at its widest point, this dimension must be between the indications in the table "Dog's circumference behind the front paws", then make loops e. g. from a tailor's centimetre and check if the given indication in the table "OPEN TO Slide through the dog's head" can be passed through the dog's head. We take all measurements without any unnecessary slack.

size      a hole to put through the dog's head     dog girth behind the front paws
XS      32 - 38 cm     40 - 47 cm
S      35 - 42 cm     56 - 66 cm
M      39 - 46 cm     64 - 77 cm
L      45 - 50 cm     76 - 68 cm
XL      49 - 55 cm     85 - 104 cm
XXL      54 - 60 cm
    96 - 120 cm



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