Professional sled harness made of very durable, lightweight tape with two reflective strips woven into it, which do not lose their reflective properties after long use or repeated washing. at the height of the chest and flanks of the dog lined with soft lining so as not to cause abrasions. This type of harness is ideally suited to the body structure of the dog, allowing for comfortable and efficient work in a sled, pulling a cyclist, sledge, runner, skier. This model is used in most of the dog sled competitions.

Resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage which increases their durability, intended for use in difficult weather conditions. 

To select the correct braces, measure your dog as follows:

miara sled.jpg

Dimension A is the neck circumference - the place where the straps should rest.

Dimension B is the length of the back of the dog.

Table of harness sizes available in our shop:

size     A - neck circumference     B - back lenght
XS     34 - 38 cm     45 - 50 cm
S     35 - 42 cm     50 - 55 cm
M     39 - 46 cm     55 - 62 cm
L     43 - 50 cm     59 - 66 cm
XL     48 - 55 cm     61 - 68 cm
XXL     54 - 60 cm
    63 - 70 cm


Braces sewn from 2. 5 cm wide tape.
Our customers most often bought sizes for:
S - husky puppy, malamut puppy, husky female
M - husky female
L - husky dog, malamut female
XL - malamut dog


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